Artisan 3-e Mast and Hood

Also available as an upgrade for Artisan 2.5


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The Artisan 3-e mast and hood is a great upgrade for the Artisan 2.5 roaster that will provide better visibility and more efficient ventilation. The screen size is 1.5" larger and allows you to see the coffee beans during the entire roasting operation.

Another feature with this upgrade includes better durability with a convenient hinge placed on the hood portion. The ventilation is very efficient with this new design and an entire roast cycle can be produced with the hood in the up position.

The new Artisan 3-e mast and hood upgrade will fit on the Artisan 2.5 with minor assembly. Available only in black.


*If you have a 4.5" screen, an upgrade to the 6" screen will be needed.

Watch Video on differences between the Artisan 2.5 and the new Artisan 3-e