Avalanche 1400 Destoner

Fluid Bed Conical Destoner



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The Avalanche 1400 Fluid Bed Conical Destoner is the most cost effective destoner on the market today. Its patent pending design allows for greater capture of unwanted items in your freshly roasted coffee such as rocks, screws, and other debris that may have found its way into your coffee beans.

So what makes the Avalanche 1400 different?

  • The conical design allows for a greater spread of beans across a larger surface to trap unwanted debris away more easily from your beans.
  • The unrestricted air flow keeps the beans floating over the surface of the destoner creating a more effective separation of your beans from debris.
  • Can handle up to 25 lbs. of beans at a time with a feed rate of 1400 lbs. per hour.
  • The Destoner sits on a cart with wheels allowing for mobility and easy storage.

Electrical requirement: 160 watts, 1.3-amps @ 115v

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What's Included

  • Destoner Parts: Pot, Separating Funnel, Hopper Mount & Lid, Top Hat, Blower w/ Power Cord
  • Hopper
  • Destoner Cart