Fluid Bed Coffee Roasters

Valenta 15

Roasting & Bean Cooling System


The Valenta 15 is an energy efficient, all-electric fluid bed coffee roaster that is capable of roasting as little as 2 lbs. up to 15 lbs. at a time for an hourly output of 90 lbs. per hour.

We Build The World’s Most Affordable Coffee Roasters

Coffee Crafters fluid bed coffee roasters were designed from the ground up for a new breed of pioneering home roasters and coffee shops. Our roasters are:

Coffee Bean

Easy to Install

Can be installed by anyone with common household tools.

Coffee Bean

Easy to Use

Designed for new roasters with little to no roasting experience.

Coffee Bean

Easy to Maintain

Commercial quality and very easy to clean and maintain.

Coffee Bean


The absolute best value in the world for production per hour and roast results.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your roasters manufactured?

We assemble our roasters in our facility located in Post Falls, Idaho, USA.We buy our manufactured parts and materials from local vendors and we are proud to put that MADE IN THE USA sticker on each roaster we sell.

Is there assembly required?

Yes, there is some assembly that will be required when installing the roaster. However, it is very minimal and can be done with simple household tools.

Is there anything not included with the purchase of the roaster that is required to use the machine?

Artisan 3e: You will need to purchase a power cord and an exhaust blower to run this roaster.

Artisan Xe: You will need to purchase a power cord to run this roaster.

Valenta 7: You will need to purchase a power cord to run this roaster.

Valenta 15: You will need to purchase a power cord to run this roaster.

How much does it cost to ship a roaster?

Artisan 3-e: Free Shipping

Artisan X-e: Flat rate of $575

Artisan Combo: Flat rate of $575

Valenta 7: Flat Rate of $575

If you are in Alaska, Hawaii, or outside of the US, you will need to fill out the international shipping quote form to receive a price for shipping.  

Do your coffee roasters ship to Canada?

Yes, we ship roasters all over the world, including Canada. All you need to do is fill out our International Shipping Quote Form.

You will need to have a Customs broker for your shipment. You will need to pay any applicable customs duties and taxes to get this shipment across the border. We recommend using ClearIt.ca or Livingstonintl.com as they are fast and easy to work with. Coffee Crafters will provide you and your customs broker with a Commercial Invoice and a United States, Mexico, and Canada Agreement (USMCA) form. If you need anything else on top of this, please let us know and we will provide you with the necessary documents.

Alternatively, you may pick your coffee roaster up in person from our facility in Post Falls, ID USA.