Customer Stories

Locals Coffee & Eatery

Wyndmoor, PA

WYNDMOOR, PA – If you were to drive just a few miles north of Philadelphia, you would come across the small town of Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania, home of the small business Locals Coffee & Eatery. Since 2018, Locals has been providing its community with fresh coffee and great breakfast food to start your day off on the right foot.

“We live two blocks from our café,” said Scott Davis, owner of Locals Coffee & Eatery. “We needed something like that in our neighborhood and wanted it to be a focal point where people could meet and get great coffee and food.”

Locals Coffee & Eatery stands out among their competitors due to their commitment to sourcing high quality products from local providers, hence the name. According to their website, Locals says if they do not make it themselves, they find someone local who can. Doing this allows them to not only help the other business around them, but also control the quality of their products that goes to the customer.

Locals offers many coffee options at their shop, everything from Mochas to Cappuccinos, but the best seller at the shop is their Latte. Davis’ favorite is the Americano with a splash of cream. Locals coffee is also available online and can be shipped to your home or business. Options for online orders include a medium roast, dark roast, and espresso blend. All coffee orders online come with the option of ground or whole bean, adding to the already great variety of options available at LocalsCoffee.com.

“I think people really like that the coffee is fresh roasted, and it gives me a sense of pride to provide something that people really like,” Davis said.

Locals Coffee & Eatery is currently roasting on the Coffee Crafters Artisan Xe, a roaster which can roast 10 lbs. of green coffee beans at a time. Davis says he was a complete novice when he started roasting the coffee himself but quickly received great feedback from regular customers telling him how much they liked the new coffee. Before that, Locals had been using another roaster to get their coffee.

When asked what advice he would give someone who was looking to start a coffee roasting business, Davis said you should talk to people who have already done it.

“The coffee community is almost always ready to help others,” Davis said. “We really pride ourselves in the quality of our products and the service we provide. We take pride in knowing as many people by name as we can. If you have a true appreciation for your customers, it shows.”

Locals Coffee & Eatery is one of Coffee Crafters’ many successful customers. Check them out at LocalsCoffee.com or if you are in the Philadelphia area stop by their shop in Wyndmoor and see it for yourself.

Website: www.localscoffee.com
Instagram: @localscoffeewyndmoor
Facebook: @localscoffeewyndmoor


The Artery Community Roasters

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA – When you think of coffee roasters, community probably is not one of the first words that come to mind. But at The Artery Community Roasters, community is more important than anything. The Artery is a local coffee roaster in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada that works with a local organization to employ people with disabilities and give them a part time job roasting coffee.

“I have been a garage roaster for years and an advocate for people living with disabilities,” said William Wells, owner and founder of The Artery Community Roasters. “I fused the two passions and teamed up with some not for profits who got us a space. We also were linked up with highly ethical farming practices and work very closely with some incredible farms with incredible stories and missions behind them.”

William Wells and his wife volunteer at an organization called ABLE 2. This organization pairs volunteers with someone with a disability to be their friend and provide support. Wells says he really wanted to find a way to offer meaningful employment to people with disabilities.

“We pay $16 an hour and empower my staff to be the face of the business,” Wells said. “I do this all as a second ‘job’ and by day I write speeches for government officials.”

The Artery is currently roasting on a Coffee Crafters Artisan Xe, a roaster that can roast up to 10 lbs. of green beans at a time. Wells’ personal favorite product is his nod to Larry David, the Curb Your Caffeinism blend. It is a half-caf blend made of half decaf grown by Indigenous Xinca farmers in Guatemala, and the other half is a mix of Red and Yellow Caturra. This special blend is a great example of The Artery’s commitment to quality and ethical sourcing of green coffee beans from ethical family farms.

“I love roasting so much,” Wells said. “While we have only been open for a month, the best part has been getting to already provided three part time jobs to people with disabilities, while also roasting coffees that are truly special. There is no better job in the world!”

The Artery Community Roasters has goals to continue providing great coffee from ethical farms for years to come. In addition to the roasts, they currently offer online, The Artery will be rolling out new products throughout the year with the first one, Tempo Blend, coming in January 2021.

“We have both exceptional coffee and we are also a roastery with a mission,” Wells said. “A purpose to advocate for, and employ, people living with disabilities, who are underrepresented in the workforce. In Canada, when someone with a disability is able to find employment, they are paid on average 30 percent less than someone without a disability. We are trying to play a small part in helping to change that.”

Check them out at TheArteryCommunityRoasters.com and see for yourself how much heart coffee can really have.

Website: www.thearterycommunityroasters.com
Instagram: @thearterycommunityroasters
Facebook: @TheArteryCommunityRoasters


Chocolat Inn & Cafe

Beattyville, KY

BEATTYVILLE, KY – Nestled in the Appalachian Mountains is the Chocolat Inn & Café, a bed and breakfast that offers homemade chocolate, pastries, and, of course, coffee. Owned and operated by Dustin Cornett and his wife Mia, the Chocolat Inn & Café offers a unique experience with boutique rooms, first class amenities, and is next to national parks with plenty of room to roam.

“We started offering specialty coffee to compliment the chocolates and pastries of our café and wanted to offer high quality coffee,” Cornett said. “We felt roasting our own was the only way to do this.”

Dustin’s journey started after he returned to Kentucky from traveling the world with his wife. He found his grandmother’s old candy recipes and taught himself how to make chocolate using cacao beans. However, being in such a small town, their business could not survive if it was just a specialty chocolate shop. That where the bed and breakfast came in.

“We offer an experience,” Cornett said. “We are a bed and breakfast inn that offers quality products. You get an amazing breakfast that comes with our specialty coffee that we tailor from the bean. We take this approach with cacao as well in a more painstaking process. We own and operate so you meet the makers, and we love to share our experiences and educate our guests about coffee and chocolate.”

The coffee part of the business came naturally to compliment the rest of the business. Dustin and his wife wanted to be able to offer specialty coffee to compliment their homemade chocolate.

“I roast the coffee and then I get to tailor my coffee drinks for the café,” Cornett said. “I know how to balance everything because I’m in control of everything. Then once I learn my customer’s preferences, I can make something they love. It’s pretty cool to be able to do that.”

You can find more information about the Chocolat Inn & Café on their website and Facebook page. You can also reserve a room if you are looking to get away into nature.

Website: https://www.chocolat-inn.com/
Facebook: @chocolatinncafe
Instagram: @chocolat_inn


Workbench Roasters

Wendell, NC

WENDELL, NC – What started as mere curiosity has flourished into a growing business. Even during the pandemic, Workbench Roasters in Wendell, NC has been providing its customers with fresh coffee throughout the pandemic and is a growing part of the community.

“After retiring from Ford Motor Company and moving to Wendell, I decided it was time to start a new hobby, roasting coffee,” said Michael Carty, owner of Workbench Roasters. “I spent hours roasting and refining and drinking coffee at my workbench, so the name was right in front of me.”

Once Michael learned how to roast coffee, he began sharing it with his family, friends, and neighbors. They encouraged him to stop giving it away and start selling it, which is exactly what he did.

“That was the beginning,” Michael said. “I started selling within our neighborhood in May 2020, during the midst of the pandemic and stay-at-home order from our governor. My customer base grew by word of mouth as most everyone was working from home and loved fresh roasted coffee delivered to their doorstep.”

Starting a business during a pandemic is borderline impossible, so Michael had to get creative with his marketing and promotion of his products. Michael decided on using the power of farmer’s markets to get his coffee in front of as many people as possible. Even with the restrictions, he was able to use the smell of fresh roasted coffee to sell his products to people.

“We always have an open ‘smelling jar’ of each of our beans we sell,” Michael explained. “It’s amazing how the smell sells it. People walking by our booth who are not avid coffee drinkers often smell the beans and stop to check them out. Most often they leave with a bag or two and many of these people have become regular customers of ours.”

You can find more information on Workbench Roasters by using the following links:

Website: https://www.workbenchroasters.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WorkbenchRoasters/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/workbenchroasters/


Teofilo Coffee

Los Alamitos, CA

LOS ALAMITOS, CA – To Ron Dizon, being from the Philippines is not just a fact of his life, it is something that he takes a lot of pride in. As the owner and founder of Teofilo Coffee Company, Dizon has goals to bring the taste and tradition of Filipino coffee to a larger group of people here in the United States.

“I remember when my mom sparked a conversation mentioning coffees that came from the Philippines,” Dizon said. “That was back in 2017. This moment turned into my own obsession of figuring out why and how this was even a thing.”

Born in the Philippines, Dizon and his family came to the United States when he was just four years old. He remembers his childhood was “heavily influenced” by American culture and that he used to feel embarrassed about his Filipino heritage. As he got older, Dizon has embraced his heritage with a newfound passion for coffee.

“In being a part of that generation of Filipino-Americans, this obsession of Filipino coffee turned into a passion that wanted me to give back to the Philippines,” Dizon said. “I spent a lot of late nights just researching and obsessing and learning more and more about this one crop that resides in the Philippines.”

On top of the endless hours of research, Dizon also spent quite a lot of time finding a supplier to get him authentic Filipino coffee. After a few failed attempts, he finally found a supplier that can ship him beans directly from his home country to his business that currently resides in Los Alamitos, California.

“I bring it (the green coffee beans) back here and it’s like I never left,” Dizon said. “When I drink it, it’s like I’m back there. It felt like home.”

With his new knowledge of coffee and someone who could supply the green beans needed, Dizon started his business, Teofilo Coffee Company, named after his grandfather. He started off by roasting and selling at farmer’s markets until he expanded to have a storefront where he sells specialty Filipino coffee as well as sweets, smoothies, and sandwiches.

“Getting into this, I knew it was going to be a challenge,” Dizon said. “It took a lot of discipline and mental preparation to get ready for where we are at now.”

You can find Teofilo Coffee Company online at TeofiloCoffeeCompany.com to order your specialty Filipino coffee and to learn more about this amazing movement.

Website: https://www.teofilocoffeecompany.com/
Instagram: @teofilocoffeecompany
Facebook: @teofilocoffeecompany


Zero Mile Roasters

Atlanta, GA

ATLANTA, GA – Zero Mile Roasters is yet another example of people turning their passion for great coffee into a beacon of hope in their communities. Located in Atlanta, the three founders of this roastery set out to share quality air roasted coffee with people who have never experienced it before while also giving back to local and global charities.

“Customer feedback has been amazing,” said Mason Deal, one of the company’s founders. “Once people have tried our coffee, 99% have given raving reviews.”

While the goal of the roasters is to energize people through their coffee, at the heart of it all is their commitment to giving back. Ten percent of all sales from the coffee goes to five non-profit organizations that are very personal to the founders.

The first organization is The Kyle Pease Foundation. This group helps people with disabilities by providing assistance to meet their individual needs. Programs within this organizations include scholarship opportunities and purchasing of medical equipment or adaptive sports equipment for others. They also participate in educational campaigns to create awareness about cerebral palsy and other disabilities.

Next is CURE Childhood Cancer. This cause is particularly personal to one employee at Zero Mile Roasters, Avery Schroeder, who was diagnosed with cancer when she was 11 years old. She spent the next two years undergoing treatment and receiving support from CURE. Since then, she has been in remission for 14 years and she is treatment free for the last 12 years! Avery recently attended Columbia University where she received a BA in Art History and a master’s in art history from the Bard Graduate Center.

CURE Childhood Cancer is an organization dedicated to providing funds for childhood cancer research as well as provide support for the families effected by childhood cancer through counseling, financial assistance, and meals.

The third group is Simons Searchlight. The mission of the organization is to accelerate the genetic science of autism and related disorders. This group consists of scientists, researchers and families affected by these rare diseases who work together to keep the science moving forward.

The next organization is Kids Alive International. This groups rescues children all over the world who have been orphaned, abandoned, or abused. Many of these kids were living on the streets, and victims of poverty, disease, or war. The Kids Alive organization enrolls these kids into one of their Children’s Homes, a Care Center, or school program that is best suited to the care they need.

Last, but certainly not least, we have Chris 180. This group’s mission is to heal children of trauma, strengthen families and build community. They provide people with high-quality, trauma-informed behavioral health service and support systems.

You can read more about Zero Mile Roasters and the organizations they support by using the following links:

Website: https://zeromile.coffee/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zeromileroasters

The Kyle Pease Foundation: https://www.kylepeasefoundation.org/

CURE Childhood Cancer: https://curechildhoodcancer.org/

Simons Searchlight: https://www.simonssearchlight.org/

Kids Alive International: https://www.kidsalive.org/

Chris 180: https://chris180.org/


Lost Aviator Coffee Co.

Guelph, Ontario

GUELPH, ONTARIO – Steve Zago and Adam Wright had made a career as airline pilots. Their mutual passion for aviation drove these two lifelong friends to become business partners and create the Lost Aviator Coffee Company.

“There are few things that beat the beauty of soaring about the earth at 40,000 feet,” Steve said. “It gives you a different perspective of the natural beauty of the world and it is often accompanied with a cup of coffee in hand.”

After losing their jobs because of the coronavirus pandemic, these two friends branched out to find a new passion in coffee roasting. As they are professional pilots, Steve and Adam ran with this idea to create a variety of aviation themed products, such as the Constellation Medium Roast and the Red Eye to Rome Espresso Blend.

“After the pandemic grounded us, we wanted to start our own business,” Steve said. “One night while discussing options, Adam threw out coffee roasting as an option. I had the concept for ‘lost aviator’ in my head as a microbrewery for years, but there are quite a few of them in my area. So the idea kind of stuck. We both love cooking things from scratch, brewing our own beer and nerding out of stuff like that so there was an instant draw to coffee roasting.”

In the short time since launching the company, Lost Aviator Coffee Co. has reached a large and growing number of people in not only the aviation industry, but in the local community as well. Steve says the number of people who have reached out or stopped by just to chat has been “incredible.”

“It’s a tangible link to a profession that is staffed by very passionate people the world over who have found a connection through our product,” Steve said. “one particular story that we were blown away by was a local woman, whom we both knew, had recently lost her elderly father. He was a pilot in the Air Force in his youth and they insisted that Lost Aviator coffee was served at his funeral.”

Lost Aviator Coffee Co. has used the power of branding to drive their sales and find new clients to sell coffee to. These guys are the perfect example of how with the right branding, you can gain customers and then let the quality of the product keep them coming back.

“I always said we could sell anything to pilots and aviation lovers by putting a picture of a plane on the bag,” Steve said. “But, if the coffee is sub-par, they wouldn’t be back for seconds. We’ve built up a loyal customer base in a short period of time by having strong branding, communicating honestly with our clients, and ensuring our bags aren’t just nice to look at, but are filled with high quality specialty coffee.”

You can find more information on Lost Aviator Coffee Co. and their products by using the following links:


Website: https://www.lostaviatorcoffee.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lostaviatorcoffeeco

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lostaviatorcoffeeco

BlackFin Coffee

Seattle, WA

 SEATTLE, WA – Kindness, conservation, and excellence. These are the core values that drive the team at BlackFin Coffee. Located in one of the biggest coffee hot spots in the world, BlackFin Coffee sells coffee to Seattle residents that is not only good taste in their morning cup, but also good for the environment.

“BlackFin Coffee was born out of the desire to reverse the unsustainable practices that are contributing to the plight of our oceans’ marine life,” said Brian Jenkins, owner of BlackFin Coffee. “This is the reason why we align with businesses and non-profit organizations that are committed to conserving our oceans.”

BlackFin Coffee got its name from the orca whales that inhabit the Puget Sound in the northwest corner of the United States. These native whales are slowing slipping into extinction due to the lack of food available to them. This is one of the reasons why BlackFin Coffee strives to be as environmentally conscious as possible when developing their brand. All of their products are packaged in either bio-degradable packaging or recyclable packaging.

Brian started his company in 2018 with the original intention of eventually establishing a café to be a store front for their products. After that went “sideways”, Brian turned the business into an e-commerce brand and focused his marketing strategy to social media and online platforms. Brian believes that it was this decision that allowed his business to keep growing during the corona virus pandemic.

“I’m an entrepreneur at heart,” Brian said. “I was looking for a way to start a business, but with values that are a head above all other coffee brands, in its own way. The creative aspect of creating a brand and a product is exciting. The community I have been building on Instagram has been something special. Getting customers who are sold-out to the brand is one of the coolest feelings as well.”

The products they offer are certainly creative. They have the usual Espresso Blend and Colombian, but what sets them apart are the product like their Cold Brew, Blackberry Hibiscus Tea, and Brian’s favorite, Whiskey Barrel Aged Blend.

You can find more information about BlackFin Coffee and its product using the following links.

Website: https://www.blackfin.coffee/
Facebook: @blackfincoffee
Instagram: @blackfincoffee


Brown Bag Coffee Roasters

Aylmer, Quebec, Canada

AYLMER, QUEBEC, CANADA – Just north of the border, located outside of Ottawa you will find Brown Bag Coffee Roasters. First starting their roasting experience in December of 2016, these guys have since created a one stop shop for all things coffee.

“We wanted to introduce specialty grade coffee to the 2nd wave of coffee drinkers,” said Shann Bosnell, owner of Brown Bag Coffee Roasters. “We want to show them that coffee doesn’t have to taste like smoke and ash but that it has nuance and delicacies and that it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg for you to enjoy coffees from around the world.”

In addition to their wide selection of single origin coffees and blends, Brown Bag Coffee Roasters has teamed up with coffee equipment suppliers to become a one stop shop for all of their customer’s coffee needs. They have grinders, brewers, cups & mugs, and even espresso machines.

“We have a great brew bar showcasing many different brew methods,” Shann said. “We love teaching people how to brew coffee and to help them find and identify flavor notes. Everything from pour over to espresso brewing.”

Their hard work and drive to create this all-encompassing coffee experience has not gone unnoticed. In 2020, Brown Bag Coffee Roasters was awarded Coffee Roaster of the Year for the Ottawa-Gatineau region by the Th3rdwave Awards. Since 2017, the Th3rdwave Awards are a yearly celebration to “promote, encourage, and honor the efforts and achievements of independent coffee shops and coffee roasters”, according to their website.

Shann had one last piece of advice to give those who are thinking about opening their own coffee roasting business:

“Jump in headfirst and don’t stand idly by and hope that things will work out,” said Shann. “Have confidence, make mistakes, learn from them, and create a brand/company that you are proud of. The rest will follow suite.”

You can find more information on Brown Bag Coffee Roasters by using the following links:

Website: https://bbcr.ca

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brownbagcoffeeroasters

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bbcrottawa

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brownbagcoffeeroasters/


Java Jive Coffee Roasters

Waupaca, WI

WAUPACA, WI – Not every person who starts their own coffee business falls into the category of “Lifelong Coffee Lover.” That certainly was the case for Java Jive Coffee Roasters. It wasn’t until he had access to fresh roasted coffee that Dave was convinced by his wife Jaime, both co-owners of Java Jive Coffee Roasters, to give coffee another try.

“For almost his whole life, my husband detested coffee,” Jaime said. “He hated its smell and the thought of coffee until he was asked to work at a coffee/music shop to give vocal and instrumental lessons. He was asked to barista between lessons. Upon accepting, we decided he’d better at least try to find one coffee beverage he at least could stand in case he was asked by customers for recommendations.”

Dave decided to try regular coffee and to everyone’s surprise, he actually liked it. He had only ever had cheap, store bought coffee. So, when presented with fresh roasted coffee, he was turned into an avid coffee lover.

After a while, the coffee/music shop closed down and Jaime, Dave, and their kids moved to China. While they were there, Dave was asked to help start a coffee shop, but was unable to find good coffee to serve the customers. It was at this point he turned to roasting and started producing his own fresh roasted coffee.

“We couldn’t find good roasted coffee that lived up to US standards, so we invested in a small roaster and began experimenting,” said Jaime. “When we returned back to live in the US, we bought a small roaster and roasted coffee for friends and family as gifts. We solely gave it away for many years and we were pressured to go into business because of the nature of our roasts being exceptionally smooth and acidic.”

And thus, Java jive Coffee Roasters was born. They currently offer 15 different specialty roasts as well as the ability for their customers to customize roasts to their personal liking. It is this level of service that has also gained them accounts as a private label roaster.

“We gained accounts as a private label roaster for many small businesses and shops that want to add coffee to their retail business,” Jaime said. “They also give coffee as a gift or token of thanks to their employees and clients. We work with companies to develop not only a label that reflects their company as well as their own blend that represents their company or personal preferences.”

You can find more information about Java Jive Coffee Roasters by using the following links:

Website: https://www.javajiveroasters.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/javajiveroasters/


Northern Lights Coffee Roasters

Fort Collins, CO

FORT COLLINS, CO – Mag and Bill Sheehan spent over 30 years living under the northern lights in Northern Montana. They have always enjoyed fresh, air roasted coffee there and decided to try to make their own and opened Northern Lights Coffee Roasters in Fort Collins, CO. 

“We started roasting at home on a little drum roaster for family and friends,” said Mag. “We started looking into starting a small business and remembered how good air roasted coffee was. We searched and found Coffee Crafters and have been roasting commercially or two years.” 

Northern Lights specializes in small batch orders and single origin coffee. The coffee is made to order and can be customized upon request through their website. This coffee can also be found in 13 different stores and businesses throughout the Fort Collins area!

“I think its our enthusiasm to sell our air roasted coffee and the feedback that our coffee is the best our customers have ever had that sets us apart,” said Mag. “Also, being small and local here in Colorado, our coffee really is fresh every week.”

While some businesses will choose to go either wholesale or retail, Northern Lights decided to do both and have found success in doing so. Getting in front of as many people as possible should be a staple in every marketing plan and Northern Lights has done so by getting into 13 different stores plus having an online social media presence as well.

“Selling and promoting our air roaster which roasts the best coffee on the planet has been our favorite part of running a coffee business,” Mag said. “We love our wholesale stores and meeting people.”

You can find more information on Northern Lights Coffee Roasters by using the following links:

Website: https://northernlightscoffeeroasters.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nothernlightscoffeeroasters/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/northernlightsroasters/


White Blossom Coffee Co.

Fort Lawn, SC

 FORT LAWN, SC – Before a coffee plant can produce the cherries from which we harvest the coffee beans from, they must first blossom. It is from these white flowers that appear on the plants that our customer got their name, White Blossom Coffee Company. Located in Fort Lawn, SC, these guys have been providing fresh coffee to the local community since 2016 and continue to grow every day.

“We started in December of 2016 because a local market was looking for a coffee vendor and I thought it would be a cool way to explore my own coffee interests as a hobby,” said Darren Jones, owner of White Blossom Coffee. “I was already roasting in one-pound batches for personal use and loved trying new coffee. We started with two coffee origins and grew quickly. Within the first year, the demand was so great that it became more than a hobby. Now we have an average of 25 single origins in my shop.”

Educating your customers and potential customers is a great way to market your products. Darren does this by constantly communicating with his customers as well as set up tastings to give samples to people who are interested in the fresh coffee.

“I love teaching people about coffee,” Darren said. “Whether it’s just talking coffee profiles or going more in depth about origins, cultivation, and processing. It’s a lot of fun teaching and seeing people take more interest.”

 With the combination of educating customers and always providing new products, White Blossom Coffee has created a pipeline of loyal customers who appreciate the hard work that goes into running a business like this.

“Our company is small and family operated,” said Darren. “That creates more of a personal touch. Combined for my love for sharing knowledge of coffee, people tend to become loyal to us. Selling coffee in a retail setting is an adventure.”

You can find more information about White Blossom Coffee Company by using the following links:

Website: https://www.whiteblossomcoffee.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whiteblossomcoffee/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whiteblossomcoffee/


Bayside Coffee Company

Eastpoint, FL

 EASTPOINT, FL – Taking a leap of faith is always a gamble, but for the owners of Bayside Coffee Company, that gamble has paid off in a big way. Officially opening in May of 2020, Bayside Coffee Co. provides fresh roasted coffee to the people of Eastpoint, FL and the tourists who vacation there, quickly becoming a staple of the community.

“We started roasting our own coffee on our back porch as a hobby about two years ago,” said Matt Lee, owner of Bayside Coffee Co. “At the time, we were living in metro-Atlanta. After years of vacationing to Florida’s Forgotten Coast, we decided to take a leap of faith. We sold our house in Georgia, found a new place to live in Florida, and bought an old building to renovate into a coffee shop.”

Matt started roasting on an Artisan 3-e, but after opening the doors to their coffee shop, their business grew quickly and they upgraded to the Artisan X-e. They also renovated an old concessions trailer into a coffee trailer so they can go mobile and easily attend farmers markets, festivals and set up a second location on the busiest days.

“The absolute best part is the conversations and stories we share with customers,” Matt said. “We live in a bit of a touristy town, yet there’s a rich local history here. We love hanging out with our local friends and learning about folks traveling on vacation.”

Instead of focusing on one way to move products, Bayside Coffee is available in a variety of ways. Not only can you stop by their coffee shop or mobile trailer, you can find their coffee in stores throughout the community and also online!

“This entire company was just a dream a couple year ago,” Matt said. “After a devastating loss, we realized just how precious life truly is. We used that experience as motivation to propel us towards our dreams and goals. In a short amount of time, we quit our jobs, moved to a new state, set up shop, and quickly became one of the coolest hangouts in our community.”

You can find more information on Bayside Coffee Company by using the following links:

Website: https://coffeebythebay.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BaysideCoffeeCo/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/baysidecoffeeco_fl/


Tantara Farms

Springfield, MO

SPRINGFIELD, MO – When it comes to diversity in the products you offer as a small business, it would be hard to beat the selection provided by Tantara Farms. Located in Springfield, Missouri, Tantara farms offers not only a wide variety of coffee options but also provides a great selection of oils & vinegars, herbs & spices, and specialty salts.

“I always wanted to go to the next level of roasting,” said Keith Williams, co-founder of Tantara Farms. “It started out as hobby and then has just grown. We have been in business going into our fourth year.”

Keith Williams has partnered with his friend Clayton Lile to offer this wide variety of products. Williams calls Lile his “secret weapon” and says without him the business would not be as good as it is.

“He loves people, and he loves coffee,” Williams said. “He is very knowledgeable of the different types of coffee beans.”

Tantara Farms have been roasting on the Coffee Crafters Artisan 3e until recently when they upgraded to the Artisan Xe to accommodate for larger roasting. Tantara Farms offers single origin coffee from eight different regions with your choice of light, medium, or dark roasts for each. But they did not stop there. They also offer an option to do custom blends and roasts upon request, so the customer’s options are almost endless when it comes to coffee.

“We are not a coffee house; we just roast and sell the roasted beans in our store,” Williams said. “We were invited to participate in a coffee house trade show where we sampled our roasted coffee against all the big boys and girls in the area. It went really well, and we were picked as one of the best coffee houses even though we are technically not a coffee house.”

Tantara Farms was named after Keith’s little sister Carolyn’s farm in Shelbyville, Tennessee by the same name. Carolyn passed away from cancer about ten years ago, so they named the store after her farm in honor of her and the joy she brought to everyone she met.

To go along with their excellent selection of coffee, Tantara Farms also sell specialty oils and vinegars, herbs and spices, and salts and rubs for any flavor you may be looking for. They have Bourbon Maple Dark Balsamic Vinegar, Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a Honey Chipotle Rub, and Spicy Curry Sea Salt just to name a few.

On the coffee side of the business, Williams says what keeps his customers coming back is the consistency of the coffee. He also urges anyone thinking about starting a coffee business to go with an electric roaster as it is much easier to learn how to roast on electric roasters.

“We only roast the best beans and do not try and cheapen our roasted coffee beans,” Williams added. “We are able to do small batches, so our customers feel better taken care of.”

All of these products can be found on their website, TantaraFarms.com and is shipped to your home or business. Or if you are in the Springfield, Mo. area, head over to their shop and talk to the experts in person!

Website: www.tantarafarms.com
Facebook: @tantarafarms 


Cowboy Coffee Roastery

Philadelphia, PA

PHILADELPHIA, PA – In the 1800’s, America was in the midst of a great westward expansion. By 1840, 40 percent of the US population had left their homes in the east in search of opportunity and independence in the Wild West. It is from the traditions that were formed during this time where Cowboy Coffee Roastery got its start.

The pioneers who left their homes to go west took as much as they could carry with them, including coffee. They roasted their green coffee beans over an open fire in an iron skillet or frying pan. John, owner of Cowboy Coffee Roastery, stared his coffee roasting journey using a similar method.

“I started roasting on a stovetop in a Whirley-Pop Popcorn Popper five years ago,” John said. “Something like a pioneering cowboy might have done over a campfire.”

Based in Philadelphia, Cowboy Coffee provides its customers with fresh coffee delivered within 24 hours of roasting. John loves all things coffee roasting, and after roasting for some friends in his popcorn popper, he decided it was time to go commercial.

“Today, we use a commercial roaster, but our passion for fresh roasted coffee hasn’t changed one bit,” John said. We roast organic, fair-trade coffees from around the world.”

In January of 2020, John participated in a night long outdoor demo of his Whirley-Pop roasting and served French press samples to 150 people who were attending a chamber of commerce event. It was on the front porch on the freezing cold but guests came out to mingle, sample, and purchase bags of coffee from him. That night he ordered a Coffee Crafters Artisan 3-e and within a week he was on his way to becoming a commercial coffee roaster!

“I just love roasting coffee,” John said. “The smells, the alchemy. Other people seem to like it too and encouraged me to start the business.”

You can find more information on Cowboy Coffee Roastery by using the following links:

Website: https://www.cowboycoffeeroastery.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mycowboycoffeeroastery

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cowboycoffeeroastery/


All Things Coffee House

Kingsville, Ohio

KINGSVILLE, Ohio – All things are possible if you put your mind to it. That is the meaning behind the name of the northeastern Ohio coffee shop, All Things Coffee House. Located in an 1828 farmhouse in the township if Kingsville, the All Things Coffee House has been serving up coffee drinks for its customers and the community for years.

“They have become my family,” owner Christina Considine said about her customers. “I tend to be a welcomed stop for travelers being less than a mile off the highway. There isn’t another coffee shop by the highway for 40 minutes in either direction.”

Christina was volunteering at the coffee shop before she became the owner. The house was bought in an estate sale after the previous owner unfortunately passed away suddenly. Christina sprang into action and bought the business because the town has “nothing else going on in this community.”

“You have to be willing to invest a lot of time,” Christina said. “It becomes your life and you can’t just throw employees at it and be hands off.”

The All Things Coffee House has become a staple in the community of Kingsville. Christina designed the shop to feel like you’re at home. With couches, tables and chairs spread about the space, this shop has become a cozy meeting place for families and groups of the community.

“You have but one moment in a person’s day to change their outlook and mood for the day,” Christina said. “You never know what someone is going through. A friendly smile and short conversation can change their day.”

You can find more information on All Things Coffee House by using the following links:

Website: http://allthingscoffeehouse.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/allthingscoffeehouse


Split Oak Coffee Roasters

Davenport, FL

DAVENPORT, FL – A few miles southwest of Orlando there is a conservation area named Split Oak Forest. This area is named after a 200-year-old oak tree that split down the middle and has survived over many years. It is this famous tree that Split Oak Coffee Roasters get it name.

“We are proud to name our coffee company after one of our local natural wonders,” said Scott Clements, owner of Split Oak Coffee Roasters. “Due to expansion in the central Florida area, our local forests are under a constant threat. We hope the name will not only remind our coffee drinkers of the delicious, insanely-fresh beans we offer, but also of the importance of caring for the home we all share.”

Scott started his business in 2018 and set out with a mission of providing his customers with fresh, great tasting coffee that comes from sustainable and ethical sources. Split Oak Coffee Roasters partners with fair trade farmers from all over the world to provide them with organic, naturally processed beans.

“We are passionate about coffee,” Scott said. “We strive to provide each customer with a perfectly balanced taste no matter which way they brew it and our quality beans make all the difference.”

Split Oak Coffee Roasters offer many different single origin roasts and blends to give their customers options when buying coffee. Their best seller is a Bourbon Barrell Coffee that is aged in Bear Gully Classic Reserve barrels and slow roasted in an Artisan X-e Deluxe. Split oak also offers a Starter Kit that offers their customers eight small samples of a variety of different roasts so they can pick their favorites for future orders.

“Our favorite part is seeing how many people love drinking coffee every day and how many like to give others the gift of coffee,” Scott said. “it certainly is special to have the privilege of knowing that our coffee is being enjoyed in homes across the country.”

You can find more information on Split Oak Coffee Roasters by using the following links:

Website: https://www.splitoakcoffee.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/splitoakcoffee

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/splitoak/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/splitoakcoffee?lang=en


By The Way Espresso

Jerome, Idaho

JEROME, IDAHO – Located on Highway 93 in southern Idaho, By the Way Espresso has been serving up drinks to people travelling on the highway for over 20 years. After starting off by buying roasted beans from a third party, this coffee stand now roasts its own beans to provide fresh coffee to all who travel along Highway 93.

“I was in the vending business for 15 years, the last 8 years in Yakima, Washington,” said Larry Collins, owner of By the Way Espresso. “I watched the espresso business from early in my vending days. I always thought I would like to have a drive-thru espresso business on the spot I am located at today. We started selling espresso drinks 22 years ago and started roasting our own coffee 19 years ago.”

When Larry first started the business, he used a third-party roaster to provide him with the beans needed to make his espresso drinks. When the vendor got too busy, Larry bought a small roaster that roasted just half a pound of beans at a time. After burning through two of these small roasters, Larry turned to Coffee Crafters and bought an Artisan 9 coffee roaster to keep up with the demand for his products.

“I love roasting and turning people on to new coffee,” Larry said. “Many are just trying to learn about new coffee and I like telling them about the trip is makes from the farm to my roaster.”

Along with the drinks you can buy in the drive-thru, like the best selling Stocky White Double Shot Latte, customers can also purchase whole bean bags of Larry’s fresh roasted coffee. Larry said he made an Anniversary Blend for his 20-year anniversary and was only going to selling it for a few months, but it became so popular that he is still offering it today.

You can find more information on By the Way Espresso using the following link:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100022283365819


SHaBean Coffee Roastery

Seeley’s Bay, Ontario

SEELEY’S BAY, ONTARIO – While most small coffee roasting businesses rely on retail to drive their sales, the SHaBean Coffee Roastery uses wholesale as their primary source of business. Located in the small village of Seeley’s Bay, Ontario, SHaBean Coffee Roastery has their products in six different grocery stores around their area.

“Upon retirement, [I] converted my husband’s coffee roasting hobby into a business,” said Mary Whitney, co-owner of SHaBean Coffee Roastery. “John’s (husband) coffee roasting was a serious hobby. We’ve been in business for five years.”

The name “SHaBean” was created by Mary and John based on the acronym SHB which, stands for “strictly hard bean.” This phrase is a designation given to coffee beans that are grown slowly and at high elevation. This growing method creates higher intensity flavors which makes for a better cup of coffee.

“We make an Espresso Blend and all other coffees are single origin and high end,” Mary said. “We roast only after receiving an order and often deliver on the same day. Every bag of coffee has the roast date on the bag.”

Mary and John visited one of these high-altitude farms in February of 2019. They traveled to the De La Gente cooperative in Antigua Guatemala where they learned about the process of growing coffee and how it is harvested.

“We like tweaking our coffee recipes to get the best results we can,” Mary continued. “We keep records of every roast is that the tweaking evolves over time.”

You can find the list of grocery stores that carry their product on their website: http://www.shabeancoffeeroastery.ca/


Am’s Coffee

North Powder, OR

NORTH POWDER, OR – Amber Redger, owner of Am’s Coffee, has come a long way since the days of roasting coffee beans in a cast iron kettle with a wooden spoon over a camping stove. Located in the small, rural town of North Powder, Oregon, Amber has spent the last 4 years providing fresh, high quality coffee to her friends and family.

“I roasted entirely by my senses and a little oven thermometer,” Amber said. “I put out some excellent coffees and began selling to my family and friends. Amidst the smoke and stirring, a dream formed of owning a small roastery.”

Amber now uses an Artisan 2.5 to roast her coffee and has been using her knowledge of coffee to offer her customers a variety of single origin roasts since 2017. Her love of coffee and the special care and attention given to each roast is what make her stand out as a micro roaster in rural Oregon.

“It’s my passion,” Amber said. “I love pouring latte art and also painting with my coffee medium. My roasts are typically single origins and you can celebrate each origin’s unique flavors, roasted to what I call ‘the sweet spot’.”

Born in Brazil, Amber’s family has deep roots in the coffee industry, even before she started roasting her own beans. As a young girl, Amber’s mother helped her great grandfather plant coffee trees on his farm in Brazil. Amber’s family has all loved coffee and has been a part of their lives for generations.

“Upon our return trips to visit Brazil, Grandpa L. loves taking us to Café do Ponto and treating us to one of their shots of espresso with a dollop of whipped cream,” Amber said.

You can find more information on Am’s Coffee using the following link.

Website: https://www.amscoffee.org/


Wallaby Roasters

Colorado Springs, CO

 COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – At Wallaby Roasters, coffee roasting is a family affair. Since 2014, the Raymond family has been selling organic, whole bean coffee to their neighbors in Colorado Springs.

“My daughter, Bryanna, my son, Daniel, and I were volunteer baristas at our church coffee shop,” said Kim Raymond, the matriarch of the Raymond family. “Daniel was in college for innovative business and wanted to start a business. I realized we know something about the coffee business and searched for a roaster. We found Coffee Crafters had an affordable roaster and we had a quick family business meeting.”

The Raymond family named their business after a small animal called the wallaby which is a kind of smaller species of kangaroo. These animals are native to Australia where the family spent three years living.

Once they got their team together and locked down their company name, they created a website to sell their coffee online and took to farmers markets as well to get the name out there. Wallaby Roasters is unique where they will give you their list of beans and then you can decide how you want it roasted instead of them deciding for you. While at the farmers markets, they met people who have helped them develop their brand.

“One person taught me how to make cold brew and now I drink it every morning in my iced latte,” Kim said. Another person they met sold them equipment to help expand their variety of coffee they provide to customers. One day, they hope to open their own small shop so they can include pour over and espresso options.

You can find more information on Wallaby Roasters at the following links.

Website: https://www.wallaby.coffee/
Facebook: @wallabycoffee
Instagram: @wallabycoffee
Twitter: @wallabycoffee


Wanderlust Coffees

Lancaster, PA

 LANCASTER, PA – Wanderlust Coffees may be one of the newest roasters on the coffee scene today, but they have hit the ground running in order to make an impact on the world of tomorrow for many people. Located in the town of Lancaster, Pa., about 70 miles west of Philadelphia, this roaster has partnered with local non-profits to donate portions of sales to help those in need.

“One of our main features of our business is that we partner with non-profit organizations that are doing good in the world,” said Timm Wenger, owner of Wanderlust Coffees. “We help them develop a blend and name and assist them with marketing. We sell their coffee at our site, roast and fill the orders and send a portion of the proceeds to the non-profits.”

Wanderlust Coffees opened their doors in December 2020 and in their first month raised $679.84 for eight of their organizations their partner with. This business is the third business run by Timm Wenger and his wife Kristina. The other businesses are Taste the World, a walking tour where they bring guests in to try the many different restaurants in Lancaster’s downtown area, and Kids & Cultures, an organization that allows kids to interact with different cultures through games, music and summer camps. These two businesses are currently on hiatus due to the pandemic.

“Because of the pandemic we wanted to try something new,” Timm said. “A friend turned us into coffee lovers about a decade ago when he introduced us to air roasted coffee. We wanted to share the delicious experience.”

The name Wanderlust comes from Timm and his family’s love of traveling. They have adopted this beautiful quote by Pico Iyer, an author known for his travel writings, as a family motto, “A person susceptible to wanderlust is not so much addicted to movement as committed to transformation.”

“As a family that loves to travel, experience new cultures, and meet new people, the limitations caused by the pandemic have us craving to see more of the world,” Timm said. “Through the connections of coffee, we are learning about the countries and people where the coffee comes from and want to share this with our customers and community.”

You can find more information on Wanderlust Coffees, their other organizations, and the non-profits they work with in the links below.

Wanderlust website: https://wanderlustcoffees.com/
Wanderlust Facebook: @wanderlustcoffees
Wanderlust Instagram: @wanderlustcoffees
Taste the World Website: http://www.tastetheworldlancaster.com/
Taste the World Facebook: @tastetheworldlancaster
Kids & Cultures Website: http://www.kidsandcultures.com/
Kids & Cultures Facebook: @kidsandcultures


Rocket Cat Coffee

Leesburg, VA

LEESBURG, VA – Just a few miles outside of our nation’s capital, you will find the small batch coffee roaster, Rocket Cat Coffee. Specializing in high-altitude, single origin coffee, Rocket Cat Coffee has the community of Leesburg, VA buzzing over fresh air roasted coffee.

“Having recently moved to Leesburg, I wanted to step up my own coffee game and started roasting at home with an electric, commercial fluid bed roaster,” owner Jared Watkins said. “When the pandemic hit, I realized it was something I could offer me neighbors as well.”

Watkins had gained appreciation for small batch coffee over years of living next to a micro roaster before moving to Leesburg. When he and his wife moved to the D.C. area the choices were more limited. This is when Watkins decided to “take things to the next level” and started roasting his own coffee at home.

“Being the engineer type I learned everything I could about the beans and the business,” Watkins said. “I like doing the roasting. This is strictly a side business for me, and I like being able to offer coffee to my neighbors. It’s also a great way to meet more people in the area.”

Rocket Cat Coffee has adjusted their business in order to allow for safe transactions with its customers during the pandemic. Watkins has conveniently installed a sort of “drop box” for people to safely pick-up their coffee so they can still enjoy fresh coffee while being stuck at home. They also offer a delivery option if you live close by.

You can check out Rocket Cat Coffee on their website, https://rocketcat.coffee/, or on their Facebook page, @RocketCatCoffee.

Website: https://rocketcat.coffee/
Facebook: @RocketCatCoffee


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