Northern Lights Coffee Roasters

Northern Lights

FORT COLLINS, CO – Mag and Bill Sheehan spent over 30 years living under the northern lights in Northern Montana. They have always enjoyed fresh, air roasted coffee there and decided to try to make their own and opened Northern Lights Coffee Roasters in Fort Collins, CO. 

“We started roasting at home on a little drum roaster for family and friends,” said Mag. “We started looking into starting a small business and remembered how good air roasted coffee was. We searched and found Coffee Crafters and have been roasting commercially or two years.” 

Northern Lights specializes in small batch orders and single origin coffee. The coffee is made to order and can be customized upon request through their website. This coffee can also be found in 13 different stores and businesses throughout the Fort Collins area!

“I think its our enthusiasm to sell our air roasted coffee and the feedback that our coffee is the best our customers have ever had that sets us apart,” said Mag. “Also, being small and local here in Colorado, our coffee really is fresh every week.”

While some businesses will choose to go either wholesale or retail, Northern Lights decided to do both and have found success in doing so. Getting in front of as many people as possible should be a staple in every marketing plan and Northern Lights has done so by getting into 13 different stores plus having an online social media presence as well.

“Selling and promoting our air roaster which roasts the best coffee on the planet has been our favorite part of running a coffee business,” Mag said. “We love our wholesale stores and meeting people.”

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