Zero Mile Roasters

Zero Mile

ATLANTA, GA – Zero Mile Roasters is yet another example of people turning their passion for great coffee into a beacon of hope in their communities. Located in Atlanta, the three founders of this roastery set out to share quality air roasted coffee with people who have never experienced it before while also giving back to local and global charities.

“Customer feedback has been amazing,” said Mason Deal, one of the company’s founders. “Once people have tried our coffee, 99% have given raving reviews.”

While the goal of the roasters is to energize people through their coffee, at the heart of it all is their commitment to giving back. Ten percent of all sales from the coffee goes to five non-profit organizations that are very personal to the founders.

The first organization is The Kyle Pease Foundation. This group helps people with disabilities by providing assistance to meet their individual needs. Programs within this organizations include scholarship opportunities and purchasing of medical equipment or adaptive sports equipment for others. They also participate in educational campaigns to create awareness about cerebral palsy and other disabilities.

Next is CURE Childhood Cancer. This cause is particularly personal to one employee at Zero Mile Roasters, Avery Schroeder, who was diagnosed with cancer when she was 11 years old. She spent the next two years undergoing treatment and receiving support from CURE. Since then, she has been in remission for 14 years and she is treatment free for the last 12 years! Avery recently attended Columbia University where she received a BA in Art History and a master’s in art history from the Bard Graduate Center.

CURE Childhood Cancer is an organization dedicated to providing funds for childhood cancer research as well as provide support for the families effected by childhood cancer through counseling, financial assistance, and meals.

The third group is Simons Searchlight. The mission of the organization is to accelerate the genetic science of autism and related disorders. This group consists of scientists, researchers and families affected by these rare diseases who work together to keep the science moving forward.

The next organization is Kids Alive International. This groups rescues children all over the world who have been orphaned, abandoned, or abused. Many of these kids were living on the streets, and victims of poverty, disease, or war. The Kids Alive organization enrolls these kids into one of their Children’s Homes, a Care Center, or school program that is best suited to the care they need.

Last, but certainly not least, we have Chris 180. This group’s mission is to heal children of trauma, strengthen families and build community. They provide people with high-quality, trauma-informed behavioral health service and support systems.

You can read more about Zero Mile Roasters and the organizations they support by using the following links:



The Kyle Pease Foundation:

CURE Childhood Cancer:

Simons Searchlight:

Kids Alive International:

Chris 180:


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