Teofilo Coffee


LOS ALAMITOS, CA – To Ron Dizon, being from the Philippines is not just a fact of his life, it is something that he takes a lot of pride in. As the owner and founder of Teofilo Coffee Company, Dizon has goals to bring the taste and tradition of Filipino coffee to a larger group of people here in the United States.

“I remember when my mom sparked a conversation mentioning coffees that came from the Philippines,” Dizon said. “That was back in 2017. This moment turned into my own obsession of figuring out why and how this was even a thing.”

Born in the Philippines, Dizon and his family came to the United States when he was just four years old. He remembers his childhood was “heavily influenced” by American culture and that he used to feel embarrassed about his Filipino heritage. As he got older, Dizon has embraced his heritage with a newfound passion for coffee.

“In being a part of that generation of Filipino-Americans, this obsession of Filipino coffee turned into a passion that wanted me to give back to the Philippines,” Dizon said. “I spent a lot of late nights just researching and obsessing and learning more and more about this one crop that resides in the Philippines.”

On top of the endless hours of research, Dizon also spent quite a lot of time finding a supplier to get him authentic Filipino coffee. After a few failed attempts, he finally found a supplier that can ship him beans directly from his home country to his business that currently resides in Los Alamitos, California.

“I bring it (the green coffee beans) back here and it’s like I never left,” Dizon said. “When I drink it, it’s like I’m back there. It felt like home.”

With his new knowledge of coffee and someone who could supply the green beans needed, Dizon started his business, Teofilo Coffee Company, named after his grandfather. He started off by roasting and selling at farmer’s markets until he expanded to have a storefront where he sells specialty Filipino coffee as well as sweets, smoothies, and sandwiches.

“Getting into this, I knew it was going to be a challenge,” Dizon said. “It took a lot of discipline and mental preparation to get ready for where we are at now.”

You can find Teofilo Coffee Company online at TeofiloCoffeeCompany.com to order your specialty Filipino coffee and to learn more about this amazing movement.

Website: https://www.teofilocoffeecompany.com/
Instagram: @teofilocoffeecompany
Facebook: @teofilocoffeecompany


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