All Things Coffee House

All Things Coffee

KINGSVILLE, Ohio – All things are possible if you put your mind to it. That is the meaning behind the name of the northeastern Ohio coffee shop, All Things Coffee House. Located in an 1828 farmhouse in the township if Kingsville, the All Things Coffee House has been serving up coffee drinks for its customers and the community for years.

“They have become my family,” owner Christina Considine said about her customers. “I tend to be a welcomed stop for travelers being less than a mile off the highway. There isn’t another coffee shop by the highway for 40 minutes in either direction.”

Christina was volunteering at the coffee shop before she became the owner. The house was bought in an estate sale after the previous owner unfortunately passed away suddenly. Christina sprang into action and bought the business because the town has “nothing else going on in this community.”

“You have to be willing to invest a lot of time,” Christina said. “It becomes your life and you can’t just throw employees at it and be hands off.”

The All Things Coffee House has become a staple in the community of Kingsville. Christina designed the shop to feel like you’re at home. With couches, tables and chairs spread about the space, this shop has become a cozy meeting place for families and groups of the community.

“You have but one moment in a person’s day to change their outlook and mood for the day,” Christina said. “You never know what someone is going through. A friendly smile and short conversation can change their day.”

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