Brown Bag Coffee Roasters

Brown Bag

AYLMER, QUEBEC, CANADA – Just north of the border, located outside of Ottawa you will find Brown Bag Coffee Roasters. First starting their roasting experience in December of 2016, these guys have since created a one stop shop for all things coffee.

“We wanted to introduce specialty grade coffee to the 2nd wave of coffee drinkers,” said Shann Bosnell, owner of Brown Bag Coffee Roasters. “We want to show them that coffee doesn’t have to taste like smoke and ash but that it has nuance and delicacies and that it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg for you to enjoy coffees from around the world.”

In addition to their wide selection of single origin coffees and blends, Brown Bag Coffee Roasters has teamed up with coffee equipment suppliers to become a one stop shop for all of their customer’s coffee needs. They have grinders, brewers, cups & mugs, and even espresso machines.

“We have a great brew bar showcasing many different brew methods,” Shann said. “We love teaching people how to brew coffee and to help them find and identify flavor notes. Everything from pour over to espresso brewing.”

Their hard work and drive to create this all-encompassing coffee experience has not gone unnoticed. In 2020, Brown Bag Coffee Roasters was awarded Coffee Roaster of the Year for the Ottawa-Gatineau region by the Th3rdwave Awards. Since 2017, the Th3rdwave Awards are a yearly celebration to “promote, encourage, and honor the efforts and achievements of independent coffee shops and coffee roasters”, according to their website.

Shann had one last piece of advice to give those who are thinking about opening their own coffee roasting business:

“Jump in headfirst and don’t stand idly by and hope that things will work out,” said Shann. “Have confidence, make mistakes, learn from them, and create a brand/company that you are proud of. The rest will follow suite.”

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