Bayside Coffee Company

Bayside Coffee

 EASTPOINT, FL – Taking a leap of faith is always a gamble, but for the owners of Bayside Coffee Company, that gamble has paid off in a big way. Officially opening in May of 2020, Bayside Coffee Co. provides fresh roasted coffee to the people of Eastpoint, FL and the tourists who vacation there, quickly becoming a staple of the community.

“We started roasting our own coffee on our back porch as a hobby about two years ago,” said Matt Lee, owner of Bayside Coffee Co. “At the time, we were living in metro-Atlanta. After years of vacationing to Florida’s Forgotten Coast, we decided to take a leap of faith. We sold our house in Georgia, found a new place to live in Florida, and bought an old building to renovate into a coffee shop.”

Matt started roasting on an Artisan 3-e, but after opening the doors to their coffee shop, their business grew quickly and they upgraded to the Artisan X-e. They also renovated an old concessions trailer into a coffee trailer so they can go mobile and easily attend farmers markets, festivals and set up a second location on the busiest days.

“The absolute best part is the conversations and stories we share with customers,” Matt said. “We live in a bit of a touristy town, yet there’s a rich local history here. We love hanging out with our local friends and learning about folks traveling on vacation.”

Instead of focusing on one way to move products, Bayside Coffee is available in a variety of ways. Not only can you stop by their coffee shop or mobile trailer, you can find their coffee in stores throughout the community and also online!

“This entire company was just a dream a couple year ago,” Matt said. “After a devastating loss, we realized just how precious life truly is. We used that experience as motivation to propel us towards our dreams and goals. In a short amount of time, we quit our jobs, moved to a new state, set up shop, and quickly became one of the coolest hangouts in our community.”

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